Evolved Baits Des Taylor Zombie Lure & Dead bait Spray

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A fantastic new Amino spray developed in collaboration with Des Taylor.

Designed to latch onto lures and dead baits creating an irresistible amino trigger.

Within the amino formula is an ingredient that ensures the liquid latches onto the surface its applied to, either a lure, dead bait or worm. Try a drop on your finger and you will see what we mean, it will be a fragrant finger for days!!

  • Use on lures, dead baits or live baits such as worms 
  • Latching technology adheres to any surface
  • Contains Garlic Amino feed trigger

In trials this has produced some stunning results. Des Taylor "this is a game changer, a spray that latches onto lures and dead baits then leaches amino, amazing" 

Apply 4-5 pump sprays to your lure or dead bait

Available in a 100ml spray bottle