Evolved Baits Katsu Krill Amino Glugged Hookers

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Our very special Katsu Krill glugged, hookers.

Krill is regarded as one of the greatest natural flavours to stimulate fish into a feeding frenzy and is without doubt one of natures most nutritional micro-organisms. It is instantly recognised as a powerful food source, hence its unprecedented success rate for both big carp and barbel.

Add to this a level of Katsu spice and you have something very special. This has proven incredibly successful in field trials in both the UK and big rivers in Italy and set to become one of "the" boilies for big carp and barbel for years to come.

Made using a special, super concentrated, exclusive Katsu Krill flavour, these glugged hookers provide a powerful and irresistible flavour trail which fish lock in on and follow from huge distances. This makes them "the" hook bait to use when fishing rivers, both large and small.

The combination of natural intense natural attractants and powerful feed stimulants combined with highly water soluble glug means the swim is flooded with flavour and taste allowing for supreme and prolonged flavour leakage. Add our amino additives contain up to 114 individual elements and complex flavours, and this provides the ultimate feeding trigger.

They are made using the exact same high quality, fully CE certified ingredients, additives, essential oils and powerful feed stimulants used to make the boilie.

  • Includes Katsu Krill liquid amino solution
  • Colour fast and flavour packed
  • Premium quality CE certified ingredients
  • Supplied in a resealable screw top tub
  • 15mm diameter
  • Fish, fishery and environmentally friendly