Fjuka 2in1

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Fjuka 2in1,

Use it as feed, use it on the hook All three colours are irresistible to all freshwater species from silverfish to specimen carp. Hooks, feeds and catches everything, Fjuka 2in1 bait is soft enough to hook and durable enough to stay hooked during the cast. Yet unlike other artificial hook-baits, its also economical enough to use as a powerful instant-action loose feed. Introducing Sensate Attractors, While the exact components are a closely guarded secret, Sensate incorporates eight individual attractants, stimulants, and taste enhancers (to attract, then stimulate, and lastly sustain, feeding); PLUS a separate blocker that neutralises fish-repellents such as sweat, fuel and sunscreen. The most versatile bait on the market, On the hook, Fjuka combines, molds and imitates; as loose feed, Fjuka attracts, stimulates and holds fish in the swim. Better bait from high quality ingredients, Made from quality ingredients approved for the human food chain no plastics, gums, waxes or resins.