Evolved Baits Greedy Pig Paste Powder Additive

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A fantastic high protein, aromatic paste (Smells like pork scratchings!) using a special ingredient not found in the UK.

The greedy pig paste is irresistible to many species and just about everything was caught on it in trials. It mixes up with ease to mold around the hook, boilie or hook bait.

  • Easy to mix
  • High protein
  • Meaty pork flavour and auroma
  • Can be frozen once made and re used again and again
  • CE certified ingredients
  • Fish, Fishery and environmentally friendly 

To make simply add two scoops of paste powder to one scoop of water. If you require a softer paste then add more water until you get the consistency you require

A fantastic product for all "paste heads" you will absolutely love it!

Comes in a handy 250g tub with measuring spoon