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MK Viper Mustang White

MK Viper Mustang White

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A new aerospace grade aluminium seatbox!

Finished through a special cataphoretic powder coating process that will result in a very strong and scratch proof surface! This seatbox is perfectly suitable to all fishing techniques, developed on the aero-z frame concept. Equipped by the new concept seat cushion, the seat is made of a first soft-gel injection followed by a second memory foam between the first and the outer shell resulting in a high reaction seat cushion.


Other features of the new mustang seatbox are the 4 cms high under unit compartments and the new no-slip laser cut 6 slot footplate. 


Equipped with 4 telescopic 36mm legs and 30mm inner sliding legs. The main feature of this seat box is the extreme strength despite the very low weight.

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