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MK Viper XXL

MK Viper XXL

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Born from the genius and the experience of Miky Bedin to answer the request of the modern feeder market, the XXL will complete the 36mm leg range of MK Quattro seat boxes.

The XXL has been developed with the modern feeder match angler in mind but will easily
adapt to any kind of fishing, on both natural and commercial venues.

New innovative design Aerospace grade Skeleton XXL frame, 36mm telescopic legs patented system, ultra lightweight at around 13 kgs, wider size footplate more suitable for feeder fishing, rotating side legs, ultra grip aluminium feet.

The new Quartz finishing is UV resistant and scratch proof. Aerospace grade aluminium, Quartz finishing, New high grip footboard, Skeleton Compact ultra rigid and strong frame, Eva rear rod butts slots, Double opening side drawer.

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