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Marcel Van Den Eynde is a family company and have been active for more than 30 years now! You will not find too many European freshwater anglers who do not or who have never done their sport with one of their products.

Marcel is the company’s founder. He was very famous and together with his bait he became a household name in the sport of fishing. That is because the composition of his baits is truly unique and they are only made with top quality materials.  

Marcel often consulted a few good friends when developing his products: Bob Nudd,  Alan Scotthorne, Luc Vercammen (European Champion 1999), Philip Carroyer (Vice-World Champion 1997) and Luc de Baets (2x Champion of Belgium).

There is no country in Europe where the Van den Eynde baits are not sold. These baits have even been exported to America and South Africa. The company produces approximately 100 different baits under its own brand name and by now it is also producing bait for other companies under their name.

Apart from winning truly numerous national and international competitions in the whole of Europe, Marcel also was:

  • Champion of Belgium
  • Champion of Belgium Match Fishing
  • 3x World Champion
  • Winner of Belgium v the Netherlands
  • Winner of the Benelux competition
  • 9 x Province Champion
  • 3 x Winner Belgium v France
  • Winner Belgium v Switzerland
  • 3 x Winner Belgian Supercup
  • Golden Rod Winner
  • 3 x Team World Champion


Vision & mission

Fishing is not just a hobby, it’s a real passion and it must not be exploited. That was and still is Marcel’s vision. That is why, when developing his baits, Marcel only wanted to work with premier and high-quality products. Only the best is good enough when producing his baits. His “final touch” was that he wanted his baits to be sold at affordable prices.  

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