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Korda SUBline Tapered Leader Sub Brown

Korda SUBline Tapered Leader Sub Brown

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If you prefer a more traditional casting leader then Korda have the answer, in the shape of the Korda SUBline Tapered leaders. They’re smooth, supple and taper from a low diameter that’s perfect for knotting to line of similar diameter, right up to the thick shockleader end that’ll take the brunt of the biggest casts.

Based on the already, best selling, popular Korda Subline, this range has been designed with the long distance anglers in mind. Available as standard tapered leader, or as a one shot spool of tapered mainline (designed for waters were leaders are banned).

There are three versions available: 8lb to 40lb, 10lb to 40lb and 12lb to 40lb. Each spool holds five, 12-metre leaders that can be cut down to suit the individual’s needs. Korda SUBline Tapered leaders are available in Sub Brown colour only.

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