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Drennan Buoyant Casters

Drennan Buoyant Casters

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Drennan Buoyant Casters are very soft and durable with a realistic appearance that is effective for catching tench, bream and carp.

Made from flexible plastics these casters have a highly buoyant compound and are great artificial hook baits. You can use these casters with maggot and method feeders and can be fished on their own or with natural baits.

You can always counterbalance the weight of the hook and make it easier for carp, tench and bream to 'hoover' up the bait and hook. This produces better, more hittable bites.

The casters are pineapple flavoured and dusted in food grade starch powder. The casters are supplied in multiple shades and colours to help mimic real casters.

The Drennan Buoyant Casters are supplied with 28 per pack.
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