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Drennan Buoyant Maggots

Drennan Buoyant Maggots

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The Drennan Buoyant Maggots are soft, durable and life like artificial hook baits that are perfect for tench, bream and carp.

Using expert designs in plastics manufacturing these maggots have a buoyant compound that looks like the real thing! You can use these artificial maggots balanced with maggot feeders and method feeders.

There are 3 different sizes of maggot in each pack and you can use them on a wide range of hooks to produce effective baits that are sinking, critically balanced or popped up. They are also very effective in conjunction with a live maggot or as a combination bait with real or artificial sweetcorn.

The maggots are also pineapple flavoured and are dusted in food grade starch powder. The flavour will be a great attractant for carp.

We have the Drennan Buoyant Maggots in a various colours and there are 27 provided per pack.
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