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Drennan Carp 4 Float

Drennan Carp 4 Float

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The extra buoyant body copes well with bigger hook baits such as worms, sweetcorn and large pellets and thanks to its short and dainty design it is perfect for fishing close in or tight to features. It also makes a great choice for shallow fishing, particularly on windy days when a thick bristle is sometimes easier to spot than a more traditional dibber design. A short and relatively thick 2.5mm hollow Glow Tip provides excellent visibility. The black fibreglass stem is short, extremely robust and bonded securely into the body. A double-wound spring eye adds even more security when the float is put under pressure. This float also features a special, toughened acrylic paint finish. This creates an ultra-tough ‘shell’ that makes it much more difficult for the line to mark the body. Like all pole floats from this manufacturer, this is hand built and assembled in their own factories.


  • Highly buoyant balsa body
  • Super-tough acrylic paint finish
  • Black stainless steel spring eye
  • Durable black fibreglass stem 2.5mm hollow
  • Glow Tip Red, orange and yellow tips
  • Tips strengthened with a spigot
  • Concentric construction
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