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Drennan Crystal Caster Floats

Drennan Crystal Caster Floats

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The Crystal Caster is the latest addition to Drennan's unique range of Crystal Pole Floats and is built to the same exacting specifications as the award-winning Crystal Dibber, In-Line Crystal Dibber and Margin Crystal pole floats. Primarily designed for fishing shallow with Caster, Maggots or Pellets, the Crystal Caster is also the perfect choice for fishing tight to far bank cover or commercial Islands. The transparent Crystal body ensures the float is much less conspicuous to wary fish which is a massive advantage over traditionally painted pole floats especially when fishing shallow and up in the water. The strong and flexible Nickel Titanium Stem gives extra stability and helps the float sit up quickly so that the angler is ready for bites a soon as the float is lowered into the water.

A Full Cycle Carp eye protects the line and cannot be ripped out of the body like a traditional side eye. The Crystal Caster is destined to be another classic and a must-have float in every pole anglers armoury!

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