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ESP Stiff Rig Bristle Filament

ESP Stiff Rig Bristle Filament

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Possibly the stiffest hooklink material available. Ideal for stiff and hinge rigs. ESP Stiff Rig Bristle Filament can be easily tensioned and smoothed out to form an exceptionally straight and rigid hooklink. Clear. 20m spool.

Terry Hearn's mega successful stiff rig relies on a rigid hooklink to stand the bait off at a fixed distance from the lead. The rigidity of Terry's rig improves the effectiveness of the bolt rig system and provides a more efficient self-hooking mechanism.

ESP Stiff Rig is a low visibility clear filament with exceptional knot strength and abrasion resistance. However, its key property is that once smoothed out and tensioned into a straight length it has an almost 'spring loaded' quality which provides the ultimate stiff rig material.

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