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Korda Wraps MK2 Fishing Sunglasses

Korda Wraps MK2 Fishing Sunglasses

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Polarising sunglasses are perhaps the single most important item of tackle that you can own. They cut down glare to allow you to see your quarry as they move around, below surface. So, it was only natural that Korda would release a range of their own... welcome to the 4th Dimension.

Korda wrap-around glasses are available with gloss black (brown lens) and gloss olive frames (yellow lens). Their snug-fitting design cuts out as much light as possible, giving you the best possible view of your quarry.

- Timelessly fashionable polarising sunglasses
- Highest quality lenses make for unrivalled fish spotting
- Two models available
- Choose from brown and yellow lenses

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