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Liquirigs Dedicated Zig Liquid

Liquirigs Dedicated Zig Liquid

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Here are the five zig liquid options on the market right now to enhance all your bait:

  • Milky Amino- This flavour profile is the perfect blend of aminos coupled with pre-digested fishmeal all of which is complemented by a sweet milk attractor to get the fish feeding and sticking to the spot for prolonged periods.


  • Oily Shrimp – The Oily Shrimp flavour of zig liquid is a blend of fish oils and shrimp that provide a powerful aroma that draws carp in with its pulling power. With a distinctive smell and slow-release formula, this as well as all other flavours provide you with the long-lasting attraction that increases your chances of a bite.


  • Zanana – The Zanana flavouring is yet another highly attractive bait that is specifically formulated to be naturally sweet. This is a unique blend of super soluble base liquid, combined with milks and the perfect pineapple attractor to generate a sweet aroma for the fish to enjoy.


  • The Nutz  – The Nutz liquid carp attractant is the perfect blend of nuts and milk proteins that are specifically designed to create a cloud of nutty fragrance around your hookbaits to entice the fish and ensure you have everything you need all in one place.


  • Liquisquid – the Liquisquid flavour of liquid carp attractant is the perfect combination of Squid Ink that provides you with the ultimate squid attractor and n-butyric acid to lure in fish regardless of the water that you are fishing. This is the perfect carp combination that every angler needs when heading out on the bank.
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