Pallatrax GRIPZ Wide Gape Hooks

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There’s Barbed. There’s Barbless. And now there’s GRIPZ.

  • Better than barbed or barbless
  • Genuine third hook design
  • Incredibly popular and efficient hook pattern
  • From size 2 through to size 16
  • Can be used in Specimen through to Match angling tactics
  • Pans species, Carp, Barbel, Tench, Bream etc.
  • Unique grooves that give firm hook hold under pressure
  • Easily, and safely removed when pressure released
  • Incredibly sharp and stay sharp after multiple captures
  • Specially designed arrow-shaped hook point
  • High-grade Japanese wire
  • A comprehensive range of Hair Rigs to compliment.
  • Internationally award-winning for their fish and fishery safety